The Short Story Challenge

I have always thought I wasn’t that great with short stories. Only because it’s short. Not enough time to really build characters, conflict, action, etc. that a full novel offers. However, I’m challenging myself this holiday season. I was inspired by one of the LinkedIn groups I’m a member of that asked to write something using the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” So, I am challenging myself to do this to keep the creativity flowing now that the writing of Wild Oats is complete.

While I’m not going to work in the ENTIRE song, actually just one line of the song (unless my creative spirit moves otherwise) it did give me a push to create a short story that I can post on this blog. So, I present “12 Days”, a story of a woman returning home to her family for the holidays after a five year absence . My goal is to post regularly, leading up to Christmas and possibly after Christmas. Hope you enjoy it and please leave your feedback.


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