Crusade Update

In the week since I signed up for the Platform-Building Crusade, I’ve already begun to see the benefits of being a part of a great initiative as this. It’s not without work, though, as there are over 200 of us participating. Here’s my progress report:

  • I am now following 74 blogs and…
  • …have discovered the gem that is Google Reader (thanks, Rach) to keep myself sane and organized from the flood of blog posts that had the potential to clog up my inbox.
  • My twitter follows have increased by appx 60.
  • My blog views have shot up from virtually none to roughly 30 per day. This is a good number as I’m a new blogger.
  • I’ve CAPTCHA’d at least 60 times as I’ve left comments on each person’s blog that I’ve gotten to. Just what kind of word is kliptrif? Sounds like something I’d pick up at IKEA.
  • I’m seriously considering reviving 12 Days, my short-story attempt from December. Instead, it will now be a work-in-progress (WIP)
  • I’ve picked up new acronyms…like WIP.
  • I’ve learned how to build a twitter following (courtesy of Raquel Byrnes)
  • I’ve learned that in Tennessee, it’s against the law to drive while sleeping. (courtesy of Jeanne Kraus)

That is all… 🙂



  1. For some reason, I never really liked Google Reader. I might be forced to use it, though, now that I’m following so many people.

    CAPTCHA comes up with some strange combinations. I’ve been doing a lot as I’m Following; after I’ve followed a certain number it treats me like a spammer.


  2. Great update. It’s crazy, isn’t it? So many new views and followers and just downright friendly people. I’m a new blogger too, and the whole thing is getting me super excited. Best of luck with reviving your story!

    ❤ Gina Blechman (fellow crusader)


  3. It’s amazing to see so many people pulling together. I’ve yet to complete my list of blogs (only followed my genre so far), and aim to follow the rest over this week.


  4. Hi! I too am also finding great benefits to the Crusade! It is wonderful feeling like part of an online writing community! Thanks for stopping by my site! I think I’ve seen you around Linkedin as well. 🙂

    Happy Crusading!



  5. Truer words were never writ… Google Reader is new to me, too, not to mention Google Friend Follow (which apparently I can’t upload to my WordPress blog) and Networked Blogs on FaceBook, which I’m still trying to get verified… But what a fun and productive journey already! Can’t wait to see what we’re going to do next!


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