Crusade Challenge #1

As part of participating in the Platform-building Crusade, the Crusaders have the option to participate in a blog challenge. We are to reveal one of our best character traits, one secret, one annoying habit, one lie, and one of our favorite things. Also, we are to use four random words. And it must be 300 words or less. Below is my response to being challenged…enjoy!


“I didn’t know I was meeting you and your CrackBerry for coffee,” I hear my friend say behind me. “Just updating my Facebook fan page,” I tell her. She tosses her newspaper onto the table as she sits.

“We live in Detroit, why do you have a copy of the Toledo Blade?” I ask, noticing the title.

“My mom sent it. There’s an article about my brother in it.” She explains. “But, I want to know how you have fans and you’re not even published yet.”

“Wow, did you have the barista add a shot of hater to your coffee?”

“I’m just saying, you’ve only been working on that book for eight years.”

“Anyway, how are things with you and your boo?” I ask, changing the subject. She smiles and her eyes light up. “Oh girl, let me tell you about last night,” she begins, but I cut her off. “Unh-uh. It’s too early in the morning for a story of how you two screwed like jackrabbits all night.”

“Dude, I’m giving you juicy material for your next book.”

“I’d rather not hear you bloviate over your love life until after I’ve finished my iced coffee. Then I’ll be level-headed enough to handle it.”

“Why not?”

“You always cross the line of TMI.”

Just then, my phone beeps. “Can we have a conversation without you tweeting?” She asks as I pick it up.

“I promise I’ll be quick. I’ve got a response to the word of the day contest on my blog.”

“Here we go with the useless facts and random words you love so much. And just what is the word of the day?”



“The first person to use the word correctly in a sentence wins a Kindle.”

“Like I said, random.”


Of course, the above scene never really happened, but I revealed some things in it about me that are currently true…except for one. Can you guess what it is?


  1. I like your contest entry and I must go get a latte now! Before I go, I think your lie is how long you’ve been working on your book. But I’m not sure, it could be your facebook page or … Ok I don’t know.


  2. Nice! I like the way your mind works. I’m guessing I won’t win a Kindle if I use fuliguline correctly in a sentence – first!


  3. Hello fellow crusader! I am a tad bit late, the whole house has been sick all week. So, I just thought I would pop in and just say Hi! 😀

    winning the kindle would be the fib! 😀 Unless….


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