The Purple Dahlia

Purple Petal

Purple Petal (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Today’s post is not exactly writing-related, but, here goes…

I have a secret…wanna know what it is? Lean in closer…

I want purple hair.

Sorry, it may not be exactly jaw-dropping surprise, but for me, I’m a little apprehensive about calling up my stylist to take the plunge.

I have a business degree, worked for over three years in corporate America, and was taught how to conduct myself with a degree of professionalism at all times…But I really, really like it and I want it. It’s so…bold. And a little bad-ass.

I’m not talking bright rock-star purple. Maybe a more subtler, deeper plum, placed nicely towards the bottom of my hair, peeking out from under all the coils and kinks. As for the color for the rest of my hair? As dark as I can get it without dying it black.

I suppose the deeper issue of this whole purple color thing is what’s keeping me from making that leap? That I will be deemed less professional? Maybe I won’t be taken seriously? What if my clients complain? (Oh never mind, they already do that!) What if my clinical instructor sends me home? Will I lose a little bit of the sass and class that I embody because of a little hair dye?

In a sense, I don’t really think my apprehension is about dying my hair, because I’ve been black, blue-black, red, and blonde-like (my natural hair is really dark, so blonde on me just turns light brown). It’s been highlighted, dyed all over, and the top half of my hair one color and the bottom half another. I can admit that I’m just scurred!  Because this color, if I do take the plunge, will be my boldest color change ever. And with a little effort and creativity, I think I can manage a couple of streaks of purple hair at work and at my clinical site. [And if you’re wondering about clip-ons, I don’t think they make purple hair pieces in a curly/coily texture 😦 ]

It’s funny how subtle anxiety and fear can be, because we’ll say things to talk ourselves out of things we want, desire, and probably should really be doing with our lives under this false pretense when what it really is, you guessed it, is fear. Now I can profess that I don’t give a damn about what people think of me but truth is…I kinda do. Because if I really didn’t have any extra damns in my purse to give, I would already have purple hair!

Hey, I’ve already done some “scary” things that other people wouldn’t…like cut off my relaxer (three times) and go back to school for a completely different degree. What’s a little hair color?



  1. So this might be kinda out there but you could always do this: get a wig made that is the same texture of your hair and have a stylist dye it (and have her shape it to fit your face). That way you could try the purple without having to fully commit. And if you really love it, then take the plunge! I know what you mean about caring what people think. I cut off my relaxer after taking out my braids (well, I had no choice. My hair fell out in clumps but that’s a whole nother story…) and I felt so self conscious about having short hair! I was worried about what people would think and then it hit me: people are so busy worrying about their own insecurities that they aren’t thinking about mine.


  2. True with the wig…or I could that spray-on color and try a few pieces.
    I remember being self-conscious the first time I did the big chop (did it 3 times) just because the last time my hair was that short, I was an infant and never knew what I looked like with not only an inch of hair, but an inch of coiled-up hair… I guess I’m more apprehensive about this hair change because of work and the clinical portion of school, which is why I don’t want to go too extreme with it.


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