The SBABAGGYLBWSBSS challenge: Victory???

At the beginning of August, I challenged myself to draft out a novella or get up to 25000 words written…I’ll cut right to it; I didn’t make the word count goal.

However, I found myself making more time to write during August. A short piece was posted every weekend as well as a blog post each Monday. Word counts don’t motivate me, so I likely won’t ever participate in NaNoWriMo. However, scenes and deadlines do. Starting up my weekend fiction pieces has helped me focus on setting an attainable goal. If I could write one scene per week, regardless of length, eventually this is what’s going to happen:

Scenes —> Chapters —> Novel/Novella/Collection

I’ll be going into week three of classes this week and the second of many tests is coming up (yeah, we had a test during week 2). Additionally, my workload has gone up some. So, I still have some challenges but I remain committed to working on this craft. Now that I’ve been able to set goals that work for me, keeping my commitment should be a little easier.

I set out on this challenge because I wanted to stop being a (writing) bum. I wanted to write something before school started.  Since I had set a word count goal and failed, no Kindle for me. However, I’m no longer a bum and I have written several somethings before the start of the semester, so I’ll go on and take that victory.


  1. I think you have the right attitude. Sometimes we set goals and for whatever reason we don’t reach them, but the thing that matters is that you tried. As long as you get some writing done during the week (hell, during the month) you’re closer to reaching that goal of having that collection or novella or novel done. You’ll get there!


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