Nervous energy

My manuscript was submitted for a proofread recently.  When I decided to proceed with publishing the novella, I was anxious as I submitted it to her.

OMG, I really am going to do this thing!

Also, this editor is so awesome that she tweets out teasers about the manuscript she’s working on. So everytime my phone buzzed with a twitter notification from her, I felt like blushing.

She’s talking about me!

Imagine my surprise when I got an email not too long after submission that the edits on my manuscript were complete, ahead of schedule.

She’s done. Already? Oh, shit.

So, I’ll be straight forward. Keeping it one hundred.

I’m bugging.

I’m not on spaz levels, but I’m a bundle of nerves right now. Not particularly over the feedback, which was great. Perhaps I’ve made so many excuses and mistakes along the way for why I wasn’t as far along in this journey as I would’ve liked, I feel like I’m starting from scratch. And in several ways, I am. Maybe I don’t want to disappoint myself again. My first try at publishing was definitely a growing pain and overall, I’m not really mad about the failure, but I know I delayed my own progress in bouncing back from it.

I know at this point, I need to channel that nervous energy into moving  towards publication and not give in to fear.

False evidence appearing real, right?

So, stop bugging, keep it moving (forward), and let’s get to work on incorporating the edits.



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