Stay in my corner…


Well, well, well, looky here! It’s the first Wednesday of the month and it’s time for the Insecure Writers Support Group. This is the time where we all reveal our inner struggles with the writing process and it’s completely judgment-free! For a list of other participants click here. Now on to my latest reflections…

Last week, I participated in Follow Fest. Let me tell you, the love I received from my fellow writers was a bit overwhelming (in a good way). It made me realize that as much as attracting readers to my blog is important, so is getting the support of like-minded people to keep your spirits lifted and also hold you accountable to meeting goals.

Here’s what I’ve experienced with non-writer friends. They mean well (most of the time), but sometimes they don’t get it. Some of them think writing a book is simple. That’s only because they don’t understand the process. As with any art form, just because there is natural talent, it doesn’t mean that it is easy nor simple. There’s a radio spot with Alicia Keys where she says that her “overnight success was seven years in the making.” And that’s how it can be for us writers – constantly working on getting better, writing and rewriting that same novel 101 times, with speed bumps, dead ends, and detours all along the way to something that is “obviously simple” (“You haven’t published that story yet? If it were me…”) Of course, from the outside looking in, it does appear easy. I can’t be *that* mad at them. If you don’t know, you just don’t know.

And this is where your “Writer Circle of Trust” kicks in. Who else can encourage you when that story is not flowing like it should? Support you when you get stuck? Or tell you to pull it together and stop tripping (or relax relate release) when you start experiencing mild anxiety over sending your story to an editor? Who will be honest enough to tell you (with a loving approach – most times) that your WIP would be a little bit better if you did A & B? Or grab you by the belt loop to keep you from falling off the cliff because you were about to make a story-killing decision? In this writing journey, my biggest cheerleaders have been other writers. And for those of you in my circle, I’m grateful!

This old school throwback is dedicated to my fellow writers…it’s one of my favorites. Thanks for “staying in my corner” ( yes, I know that was really cornball!)



  1. Coming over from IWSG. So nice to meet you! It is so true. If not for the support of this great writing community, I would have given up years ago. It’s a nice change to be a part of a group that encourages and really does hope you meet your goals instead of being hyper competitive. Good luck with your writing!

    My Writing Journey


  2. Hallelujah! You couldn’t have said it better. Do you know how many times my husband has asked me if I was still “working on that same paper?” Paper? Insert expletive. If I didn’t have my blogger and author buddies encouraging me every step of the way I don’t know what I’d do!


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