For me??? Why, thank you!!!


So, I’ve been MIA for a while…and what better way to bring me out of my work and school-related hole than to nominate me for a blogging award! Specifically, the Liebster. Thanks, Quanie for the nom… 🙂

This is how it works…11 questions and answers, 11 random facts. Let’s go!

  1. What’s the meaning of life? What’s the point? I asked Robin (the Droid version of Siri) and she’s still pondering that one. I’ll get back to you when she tells me.
  2. What are you best at? Wisecracks, side-eyes, and sarcasm…oh, and writing.
  3. If you were captured by aliens and put into an arena and they used their power of divination to determine your greatest fear or the one creature/animal/monster fake or real—what would appear out of the shadows to face you? Myself as an older person that regrets that she didn’t at least try to live a fulfilled life and pursue all of her dreams and endeavors.
  4. Favorite gig of all time? Hands down, this fiction-writing thing.
  5. How do you boil an egg? Seriously? In boiling water (preferably in a pot) until solid.
  6. If you could magic your mind into the body of any living human being on planet Earth, who would it be? (Keep in mind there’s no going back.) Myself at 17. Hell, I’ll even take my 23 year old body, that one’s more realistic. The body only. I’ll keep my mind at my current age, thank you.
  7. If a clown jumped out of a van in the street while you were minding your own business and handed you a big pot of pink paint and a big crush, and said, “You must paint that house over there pink, if you do then you’ll get this,” he shows you the biggest diamond you’ve ever seen in your life, what would you do?  First, I doubt I’d be on anybody’s street where people, especially clowns, are jumping out of vans. That’s never a good sign. For real, he might get swung on and never get to handing me some paint and showing me diamonds.
  8. Favorite food? Cucumbers. (yeah, I kept that one pretty simple. I used to slice them up and drench them in Ranch dressing, but pretty recently, I’ve switched to salt and olive oil.)
  9. If you were suddenly transformed or transmogrified into a great bowl along with your equivalent selves from every country in the world, and you were asked by God to compete against each other in a variety of sports and test, what self from what country would win and why? None. We’d all be as equally uncoordinated as the other.  Now, let’s make this a grammar snob contest, and the American Dahlia wins it.
  10. The best thing you’ve done for another human being? Being my authentic self.
  11. What are your long-term life goals? To be a fantabulous person and a bad-ass writer.

Now for the random 11 factoids:

  1. I got a D in badminton in college. Who does that? Now we know why my answer to #9 makes complete sense.
  2. I have revamped one of my earlier novels about a good five times already.
  3. I may have a slight addiction to Dunkin Donuts iced coffee – I just need it in my life 5-6 days a week (I take a break on Sunday, it is the Sabbath, you know…)
  4. I was a pretty sensitive child and occasionally I’m reminded that even though I’ve grown up, I’m still pretty sensitive.
  5. For my Tampa baby shower, I asked the hostess for a pound cake…she brought me Sara Lee, frozen in the foil tin. That was when I learned how to make a pound cake, cuz clearly the cake lady doesn’t live in Tampa.
  6. However, I do like cupcakes from Gigi’s. They’re so pretty and sooo delicious!
  7. I like to spread the love and give other people Gigi’s cupcakes for birthdays and other occasions. I’ve yet to see a pair of eyes NOT light up when they open the box.
  8. I LOVE Charming Charlie. Could never work there, I’d never bring home a paycheck.
  9. I was never really into make-up and accessories until AFTER I hit 30.
  10. My most recent novella (still working on getting that one published) was inspired by a writing prompt from my creative writing professor. It was originally a 2-page short story
  11. I also really like Thug Kitchen. If you can get over the profanity (I find it hilarious), the recipes are awesome!

I hope you enjoyed the responses! It was a fun activity and good way to ease back on the scene. So, now I’m supposed to share the love and nominate someone. I choose…Cathrina Constantine. Check her out at



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