Book Cover Reveal

Here it is…the cover to my upcoming e-book, Indiscretion.


I’m extremely excited to share this with you all. It means I’m one step closer. Please be on the lookout for teaser chapters. Additionally, I’ve added a new page to this blog: Books. Basic info about the novella (description, where to purchase, download a sample) is on that page. As always, I welcome your feedback 🙂



      1. That is such an accomplishment! I know it feels good. I just hope I can gain the courage to make the steps to get here myself. Where can I find the ebook?


  1. At the moment, it’s on Smashwords. It’ll be on Amazon as well, but since my release date is in January, it wouldn’t let me upload ahead of time.
    Here is the smashwords link:
    And I understand how you feel. For me, it was a bit of a slow process, and a lot of it was just working up the nerve…when I finished the formatting and realized it was publish-ready, I still had a “So, now what?” moment. It took me finally having to say to myself, “Girl, just do it already!”
    Thanks again, I appreciate it!


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