A penny (or an e-book) for your thoughts?

Source: geekygirl.minus.com

Source: geekygirl.minus.com

As part of the promo and marketing of the novella, I’ve been requesting reviews. For the most part, I’ve had a favorable response to reviewers wanting to read it. Now I’m waiting for those reviews to come back; the reviewer’s thoughts posted and public. And of course, I’m full of questions about them. I understand that reviews, at least the ones I’m requesting, are honest and that they are opinions. One reviewer’s thoughts could be vastly different from another. Still, this is part of the process of putting myself and my book out there and I would be telling a tall tale if I said the process doesn’t make me nervous.

So, for my published writer buddies, what has your experience been like? What was your process/strategy in the requesting of a review? Do you read them? How do you (or how would you) handle a less than favorable one? Would you re-post them on your site/blog?



  1. I’ve only had a couple reviews, and one of them was a 3 out of 5. It was mainly for editing, which I agreed with because I self-edited. After reading my book again, I saw the editing points the reviewer talked about. My main thing was wanting it to sound real and that my characters were believable, and the reviewer said the story was good and rang true. My book is an erotic romance, so I really wanted it to flow naturally.


  2. I contacted reviewers who read books in my genre and queried them just as you would an agent or publisher. Most people got back to me saying that they would review the book, and even in instances when some reviewers had full schedules, they said they couldn’t review but would feature me on their blog. A win-win! I also had reviews as part of a blog tour. It’s nerve wrecking, to say the least. Sometimes I went into social media hiding because I didn’t want to see the responses, but fortunately, most of them were overwhelmingly positive and left me feeling like I was on the right track (and also confirmed for me that I should always trust my gut with the things that I write). I post links to the reviews on my blog but not the whole review. Now in terms of unfavorable reviews…chile! Their has been much discussion about this lately, and about whether or not authors should respond. I say don’t do it! Sit on your hands or eat a banana but for the love of God, do not respond! But I truly don’t think you’ll have this problem. I think people will love your book.


    1. Ooh wee girl, won’t catch me starting twitter beef over a review! I get that reviews, good ones and bad ones, are subjective and not everyone is going to like my work. But the process itself…let me get some wine…because it’s New Year’s Eve you know 😉


  3. Like the Quanah, my first “less than favorable” review was 3/5 stars, and it was mainly for editing. Since then, I’ve gotten another one, and while it stung, i felt the review was fair, and I honestly agreed with the points. I never did commission reviews, but this time I think I will, because I know that the exposure, and the feedback are very valuable.
    I completely agree with Quanie about not responding to negative reviews. It might seem like a good idea at first, but just don’t, lol! Just take the feedback to heart moving into your next project. I STILL get annoyed whenever I see it, even though it was a month ago, but I’ve gotten so many other favorable reviews that It doesn’t phase me like it did at first.


    1. Thanks Christina! I never really considered directly contacting the reviewer abt the review outside of thanking them for their time. To do so just because it was less than favorable seems…crazy. The way I see it, I asked him or her what he/she thought. Can’t get mad because they expressed their opinion, right? And I get that it would sting getting that first piece of negative feedback.


  4. I’ve seen authors (though not in very very recent memory) argue with reviewers on amazon and goodreads, and it’s exactly like you said, CRAZY! I can understand the urge if people were trashing it, but luckily I haven’t had that issue, and from the excerpt you posted, I highly doubt you will either!


    1. Wow…that’s craziness. I can’t see any good coming out of that, even if the reviewer is bashing it…
      Thanks again Christina, I appreciate the support and I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt.


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