Saturday Morning Shorts: Indiscretion – Chapter Two

Below is the second chapter to Indiscretion, my upcoming e-book. To get more information about the novella, please click here. Enjoy!

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Wikimedia Commons |

After the show and dinner, Carson and Elisa arrive back to the hotel. Walking through the lobby, he asks, “Why don’t you come up and check out my suite?”

She chuckles in response. “You know, we’re really close to the hour where only one thing happens when a man invites a woman to his hotel room.”

He laughs as the elevator doors open. “It’s just an invite to check it out since it’s one of the best suites in the hotel. No hidden agendas.”

“You’re a politician,” she replies, stepping inside. “There’s always a hidden agenda.”

“And you don’t have one?” he asks.

“Touché. Push the button,” she replies. He laughs quietly and enters his keycard before pressing the button for the top floor. Once they arrive to the suite, Elisa’s eyes widen. Carson’s suite is huge and immaculate, the furniture plush, the décor modern and ornate.

“Whoa, this place is massive,” she says, crossing the threshold.

“Yeah, it is pretty nice,” he replies.

“Nice? You’re living it up in the corner penthouse and all you can say is ‘nice’?” She spins slowly, taking in the luxury of the space. He watches her turn, observing for the umpteenth time just how well her form fitting dress hits every curve on her body just right. “This wouldn’t happen to be on the state’s dime, now would it?” she asks. “I’m just saying, as a tax paying citizen, this would concern me.”

“If you must know, I’m hosting a bachelor party for the groom tomorrow night, so I called in a favor to get the room.”

“So, another lavish gift? Tsk, tsk, tsk, Senator Royal.”

She walks through the living room area and stops at the bar when she sees an unopened bottled of champagne and assorted fruit sitting on a silver platter. She touches the champagne bottle.

“It’s cold,” she laughs, turning in his direction. “No hidden agendas, huh?”

“What? I like to enjoy a glass of champagne and some fruit before I go to bed.”

“So why two glasses?”

“Comes standard,” he says, coming over to grab the bottle. “Would you care for a glass?”

“Since it’s here,” she says with a wave of her hand. She turns and heads toward the wraparound balcony.

“The view is great,” Carson says as she opens the doors. “You can see the entire strip.” Stepping into the warm Nevada air, she smiles at the sight of all of the bright lights that stretched on for miles down Las Vegas Boulevard, making it a perfect postcard picture. She walks to the other side of the balcony that overlooks the pool area. She immediately spots the space where she’d sat earlier in the day. She laughs quietly, realizing that he already knew she was alone. Knowing that he was the mystery man just adds to the fire that is building between them.

“Here you go,” he says, stepping out to join her, two glasses of champagne in his hands.

She accepts the glass and takes a sip before asking, “You know what’s funny?”

“What’s that?”

“Is that earlier, I felt like somebody was watching me from one of these balconies when I was at the pool. It’s very odd that this balcony has a bird’s eye view of the very place I was sitting at.”

“Sounds like you have an admirer.”

“Or a stalker.”

They fall silent as they finish their drinks, allowing the tension in the air to speak for them both. “I won’t beat around the bush,” he says finally., “I want you, Elisa.”

“Ah, the agenda is revealed.”

“You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t feel the same.”

“I just came for the tour.”

“Of course you did,” he says, getting close enough for her to breathe in the Armani cologne he’s wearing. Her pulse begins to race standing so close to him.

“So, you’re really not going to try any games? Butter me up with compliments, get me drunk and vulnerable?”

“I don’t have to trick you because you know what you want. I don’t have to tell you how good you look because you already know it. And I have no interest in getting you drunk because I want you to be fully aware of everything I’m going to do you.” He pauses to gently caress her face.

“That’s a bold statement,” she says. “How do you know you’re going to do anything to me?”

“Time, space, and opportunity,” he answers.

He leans in to kiss her, and Elisa smiles and steps back, “I think I should finish my tour.” She steps around him and walks inside, her hips gently swaying to and fro with each stride. He watches as she walks, shaking his head.

He steps back into the living room and asks, “And what would you like to see next?”

She sits the empty champagne glass on the bar, then turns to face him slowly. “What’s through those double doors?” she asks, pointing.

He smiles., “That would be the bedroom.”

Great, because that’s where I’d like to conclude.”


Elisa is awake just as the sun begins to rise. She slips out of the bed to go to the bathroom. She washes her face and rinses with the complimentary mouthwash, just in case she has to speak to anyone on the way back to her room. When she opens the bathroom door, Carson is standing there, wearing nothing but his boxer briefs. She feels her body begin to warm again.

“Good morning,” she says, walking past him.

“That it is,” he says, walking in. “So you were just going to slip out of here, huh?”

“Something along those lines,” she replies as she slips back into her dress.

A few moments later, he emerges from the bathroom. He says, “Why don’t you stay for breakfast?”

No can do,” she says.

“Why not?”

“Because breakfast would imply that there is something more between us than there is. Besides, remember Ryan? He should be here soon. Not a good look for me to come in the door in last night’s dress.”

“So when can I see you again?”

“You won’t.”

“Wow, that was blunt and to the point.”

“I’m a blunt and to the point kind of chick,” she says, putting on her shoes. “Look, last night was, as you say, ‘space, time, and opportunity’, so I took it. You were like a bucket list item, like bungee jumping or going on an African safari.”

“Now your agenda has been revealed. You used me.”

She raises her eyebrows at the look on his face. “Really? Your feelings are hurt?”

“No, but I feel there should be money left on the nightstand.”

Elisa laughs, “That’s cute.”

He crosses his arms over his chest as if to cover up. “I’m feeling a little vulnerable right now.”

She laughs again. “You’re kind of cute when you’re surprised.”

“I just can’t believe you’re seriously leaving right now.”

“Look, we both know this can’t happen again. All sorts of friend rules and moral codes got violated. So let’s just leave it where it is.”

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, huh?”

She snaps her fingers. “Exactly.”

“You know I’m usually the one that calls the shots, right?”

She doesn’t answer. Instead, she crosses over to him and pecks him softly on the lips. He pulls her to him and kisses her passionately. Elisa gives in for a moment before remembering that this wasn’t to happen more than once. “No no no no no,” she says, stepping back. Shaking her finger, she says, “No round two.”

“If I recall correctly, this would be more like round four.”

“Leave it where it is, Carson.”

She turns to leave and he calls after her, “That’s what you say now.”

“See you at the next town hall meeting, Senator,” she replies, not looking back.


(c) 2013 Dahlia Savage


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