So, yeah, I'm a little excited #wobblebaby Source: nascargifs.tumblr.com

So, yeah, I’m a little excited #wobblebaby
Source: nascargifs.tumblr.com

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Charl over at A Place on The Bookshelf. It was a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to not only talk about Indiscretion, but to talk about what inspires me as a writer, who and what my influences are, as well as pass along any words of wisdom. SN:How effin’ crazy is that? Me, one week shy of my novella being formally released, passing along “words of wisdom” to other writers.

Let me tell you a little bit about Charl and her blog. She lives in the UK and is studying Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire. The blog was created to talk about books and all things bookish like reviews, interviews with readers, writers (that’s me!), and bloggers about all things books. She also blogs about crafts, stationery, fashion, and beauty. Outside of a love of reading and writing, Charl & I have this in common: we’re both recipients of the Liebster award.

It is so surreal to be on the other side, it really is.  I am just in awe that I was able to do this interview. It’s a nice departure. So, go on over there, check me out, leave comments. Please and thank you 😀



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