Release Day Party Over Here!


Bust out the confetti and get ready to pop a couple of bottles (Moscato, Presecco, Boone’s Farm, whatevs)…Indiscretion’s Release Day is finally here! This process has been such a journey and I often wondered when this day would arrive…but I pushed past my insecurities, stopped being a punk, and finally did it. I’m excited. Overwhelmed. Humbled even.

I’m grateful for a few of my writing and blogging buddies who have agreed to help me get “turnt up” by posting about today on their websites. So, please hop on over and check them out:

Nicole Howard, Book & Author Promoter at Booknapped – Cover and Blurb
Christina Jones
, Author of “Strictly Professional”, a Contemporary Romance; blogs at Being Mrs. Jones – Chapter One Excerpt
Quanie Miller, Author of “It Ain’t Easy Being Jazzy”, a Romantic Comedy; blogs at Quanie Talks Writing – Chapter Two Excerpt
Christie Stratos, Editor and Owner of Proof Positive Pro – Author Interview


Turn up, man!

Here are a few links to other sites where Indiscretion has been reviewed or I have been featured:
Book Info and Goodreads Reviews
A Place on the Bookshelf
Raging Book Reviews

And lastly, [since my business background teaches me to close by asking for the sale 😉 ] here are the links to pick up a copy for your favorite e-reader:
Barnes & Noble



  1. You found me on Twitter! I found you back! I read the sample on Amazon and it pulled me right in! I’m def interested in buying! How is the book doing? It hasn’t been to long since release but the reviews are good and I’m certainly interested in a one month update.
    Congratulations and GOOD LUCK!


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