#IWSG: Keep it clean


Every 1st Wednesday of the month, a bunch of us writers get together to talk about  our insecurities, concerns, and worries with the Insecure Writers Support Group. It’s like one big virtual therapy session! For a list of the other participants, click here.

So, I did it. After years of saying “Someday, I’m going to publish a book” I can finally say I am a “published author”. It’s kind of like my senior year in undergrad. I was a senior until about the middle of the spring semester when I formally applied and went through the process for graduation. When that process was complete, I got a pink slip (the only pink slip one should ever be happy to get!) that made me eligible for graduation. I was no longer a senior. I was a “graduating senior”. Being able to tell people that felt awesome. That’s kind of how I feel right now.

Now that I am a “published author(ess)”, I find myself feeling a little overwhelmed again. Because I’m ready to move to the next project. But wait, I still need to market this one. And crap, I still have work. And school. And that tiny human in my house that keeps calling me Mommy. And the even bigger human called a husband. All of the moving parts of my life tend to make their way to my desk. Writing notes, bills, lecture notes, artwork from the daycare, bobby pins that I took out of my hair because my scalp itched, my work calendar…all sitting, waiting, screaming “Do something with me!” It’s a hot mess….my desk, that is.

This isn't my desk, but some days, it gets kind of close...Source: Wikimedia Commons

This isn’t my desk, but some days, it gets kind of close…Source: Wikimedia Commons

When my desk gets too cluttered I have a hard time functioning, but if I spend too much time cleaning it, then I don’t feel as productive because I don’t have as much time to complete my tasks/projects/work. If I walk away from the mess because I’m having palpitations trying to sift through it all, then ABSOLUTELY nothing gets done. And as my professor would say in her perfect Kentucky accent, “Well, that ain’t right.”

I need a system. A system to organize and maintain so that I can get more accomplished…and not in a half-ass way either. For the longest I would say that I wanted balance.  A friend of mine who is a holistic life coach once said that trying to have balance implies that everything gets equal attention, which can’t always happen. Instead, we should be striving for harmony where all the things in our life just kind of go together and flow…and for me, I know that harmony begins with a clean(er) desk.

So, what do you do when things are feeling and looking a little cluttered for you? I know most of us are wearing multiple hats, so how are you achieving that harmony? Are you still trying to get there?



  1. “What do you do when things are feeling and looking a little cluttered for you?” I eat ice cream and watch some really horrible TV. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to be disorganized and allow your desk to be cluttered because sometimes you just need a break! Don’t beat yourself up. You’ve accomplished a lot so celebrate that. You’ll get back on track eventually but in the meanwhile, eat come ice cream.


  2. I try to write things down in my planner to get me organized. Outlook calendar used to help me at work. Now that I’m a freelance writer and author, I have to be more organized on my own. That’s it’s own job.lol


  3. Congratulations! I have the same problems keeping my working space clutter free, but I always feel more controlled when I know exactly where everything is. If only it was easy keeping things that way…


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