Cover Reveal: Graduation Day

So, I’ve been off the grid, but please believe I’ve been working and staying busy. I’ve also been prepping for my latest project, Graduation Day, which is a short story that will be released very soon. Even though this story is short and sweet, I submitted the piece to Christie Stratos of Proof Positive Pro for edits. I continue to learn so much from her about the art of editing that can make your prose the best it can be and I can’t thank her enough for her help once again.

I also wanted a nice cover. Just because it’s short, it does not mean it’s not worthy of a good-looking cover! I struggled with this one because I couldn’t find any stock photos I liked for inspiration. The closest one I found did not really embody my MC but there were elements I did like. I know some really basic graphic design tricks from my years in marketing and communications, but no way could I photoshop and manipulate a photo to be exactly what I wanted. Therefore, I turned to my Sister in Writing, Christina Jones, who is not only an awesome author (she just released her third novel, The Trouble With Love), but a rock star graphic designer by trade (for her design work, check out Visual Luxe). She graciously agreed to help a girl out and I couldn’t be happier.

So, here it is, the cover to my latest project. 🙂



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