But then…

Like the makeover I did to the blog? I’ve been wanting to refresh the look for a while so when I wound up having to take two sick days last week due to a sinus infection, I found some time (between sleeping) to update the look.

Secondly, I wanted to dive right into my next project, which I planned on being the follow-up to Graduation Day. I’ve got my rough outline and an abundance of scenes already done, so I was prepared to dedicate some time to filling in my gaps. But then…

I had this dream. Let me say that I rarely remember what I dream about, so the fact that I remember this so vividly is making me take notice.  The dream was about a driven, hardworking woman and a man who came off like a gentleman and was very easygoing. I could tell they had chemistry. I woke up and knew that I had two new characters on my plate.  I got up and started a little list of everything I could think of from this dream so I wouldn’t forget later.

So, what should I do with these two? I was supposed to be writing about Kendall and where she’s at a few months after graduating from college, but now I’ve got these unnamed characters with kick-ass chemistry on my brain. I definitely want to maintain my focus and I do want to finish Kendall’s story, so I’m feeling a bit torn right now.

Anybody been in this predicament? What did you do?


  1. I’m loving the new look of the blog! And I say definitely explore these two new characters. You never know where they will take you. If it turns into a new story, why not write about them and Kendall? It’s just a matter of figuring out which story you’re going to write first. So good luck.


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