#IWSG: Be Kind to yourself…


It’s that time again! For a list of fellow writers in “the struggle”, click here.

It was truly by His grace and mercy that I made it through this semester. I learned that “the struggle” is indeed real and I’m in a place of gratitude that I passed both courses because I was really on the edge for weeks. I was dealing with and juggling a lot: work, school, family, blogging, writing, and I had my share of challenges on all accounts. The insecurity that I attempted to keep to hidden began to show itself and…I was buckling.

However, as the end of the semester drew nearer and I began to wonder if putting myself through this was even worth it, I came across The Gifts of Imperfection by Dr. Brene’ Brown in Target and I just had to buy it. I’m only about halfway through the book now, but I will say I have picked up some nuggets of truth about me that I need to let go of. One of those things is perfectionism. One thing that kept me from putting myself and my gifts/talents out there was that I wanted it to be perfect before I put it out. Why? I couldn’t fail. Failing meant something was wrong with me. I’m learning that this was a lie. I’m my own worst critic. Basically, I was not nearly compassionate enough to me.

I’m learning that it’s okay to not be perfect. Even better, it’s okay to not be so hard on yourself. Showing yourself a little kindness could be just what is necessary to get over “the struggle”. 2014-05-07 22.29.05


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