The Clean-up Woman: Reorganizing the blog for effectiveness



It’s time to call in the clean up woman to declutter and reorganize this joint.

Maybe not that Clean-Up woman...

Maybe not that Clean-Up woman…(

I have been blogging since 2010. 4 years, peeps! However, you couldn’t really tell I’ve been doing it for this long. Why, pray tell??? Because I’m guilty of being like the weather here in Florida: in the morning it’s muggy and cussin-hot, the afternoon it’s raining hard enough to have you humming “Wade in the Water” in the parking lot. The next morning: cold & windy. I call it trick weather – it’s inconsistent and can get you sick.


That’s been me when it comes to my blogging. According to WordPress, I’ve changed up (went in a new direction, did something new/different/exciting, etc.) my blog eight times…let me say this: Eight in this case is NOT great. It’s pretty flipping bad. It’s indicative of wishy-washiness. And when you’re trying to build a platform and establish a following, inconsistency can mess you up, no matter how talented you are.

Bloggers know that we want our blogs to be effective for whatever purpose it serves, be it for celebrity gossip or fashion or marketing the latest and greatest. In this case, my purpose is writing. What purpose does it serve to have a blog that’s all about carnival food (because let’s keep it real, deep fried Oreos are the but your topics are over the place? This week it’s deep-fried Oreos are the bomb, next week it’s about the latest pair of Louboutins? Unless that post is talking about how to survive walking around a carnival in a pair of Loubbies while eating those Oreos…


But, what happened to My Blog My Rules? I know, I know…(Source:

I’m prone to flitting — I’ll own up to that. And I’m not suggesting that there is no place or room in a blog for randomness. Or even that a blog can’t cover multiple topics. However, I had to really think about the purpose of this blog. My intent. And it’s simple, really: I write fiction. I want my audience to know that writing fiction is what I do around these parts. Therefore, the majority of the content should revolve around that. So, this time around, there’s no changing it up or going in a new direction: I’m returning to my roots.

(Disclaimer: There still may be the occasional post that is NWR – not writing related. But I’ll try to keep it to minimum…can’t say I didn’t warn you about my flitting)

So, let’s discuss: Ever felt a need to change things up? How did you do it? What is your strategy for staying within your intended purpose?


  1. One of the most wonderful things about being a writer is if you keep writing you’re only recourse is to improve. What you learned writing your first taught, I bet, probably more than you ever learned in school. Thanks for sharing part of your story, Dahlia. You made me think. I’ve come a long way and I also love IWSG because of writers like you.


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