The Clean-up Woman: Purging the blog for consistency


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My last post, Reorganizing the blog for effectiveness, went into how being inconsistent can set you up for failure. This time, I want to get into more detail about what I did to get my little corner of the innanets nice & neat(er).

1. Set your intention
I had to remember that I started this blog to share with the world that I’m a writer. Knowing the purpose in why you’re doing this in the first place lays the foundation to keep your content consistent.

2a. Consider what got you or may get you off-course/topic/track.
For me, my biggest issue is focus. I’m easily distractable. When the next big idea hits, I’m chasing it because I don’t want to forget it! So, I would blog about it, even though it had nothing to do with the price of tea in China.

2b. A strategy and some structure to stay on track may be in order.
It’s quite possible that one reason bloggers quit is due to lack of structure. Posting whenever the spirit moves you can lead to inconsistencies. Plus, with so many blogs out there, followers are going to follow where they can get content on a regular basis on the topics they like.

2c. Be realistic in developing that structure.
For some, it may be brainstorming topics. For others, it could be a matter of knowing just how much time you need to set aside. Maybe it’s routine that needs to be established, like setting aside every Monday at 7pm to write and get it posted by midnight. Maybe you need a planner (Blow the dust off that Palm Pilot and see if it still powers up). Or your alarm to go off as a reminder.

ryangoslingWhatever works for you, do it. Not sure? Experiment until you find it. Because what works for me may not do it for you.

3. Go back through the archives and consider removing anything that doesn’t serve your purpose.
Yeah, kinda like unfriending someone on Facebook.


4. Another platform for those other topics may be a necessity.
Initially, I wasn’t tryna have no parts of keeping up two blogs.


However, as much as I blamed the hecticity (yeah, I just defied all kinds of grammar rules) on why this blog turned into a potpourri of randomness, I realized that my other interests/topics were pretty strong and therefore, needed a home of their own. Because they were soooo different from the intention here, they could no longer squat here in this space, eating up all the bandwith and drinking the last of the memory juice. So…

I’m in process of creating a second blog. Just for those topics that were just too random for this blog.Because the purpose is different, then those topics should fit in just fine there. More work? Yes. Does it make more sense? Absolutely. Was I being a lazy bum trying to mash it all up? Hell, yeah.

5. Do you, boo.
Quanie Miller (if you haven’t checked her books out, you should) recently posted on her blog, “6 Easy Ways to Grow Your Blog Readership” In it, she noted the importance of your voice coming across in the blog. This is completely true. Whatever your voice is, use it. It can be hard to be consistent if you’re trying to write or sound like somebody else.


Any other tips in staying consistent you want to share? Would you consider another blog for another topic you have a strong interest in?


  1. I think you’re right on the money here. People need to know what to expect when they visit a blog, so making your blog about one particular thing is a good idea. I think you’re doing a great job with voice (love that Martin gif, lol). One thing that might help with consistency is realizing that you don’t have to be so strict with your content. You write fiction, sure, but so much is related to that: fear about writing, publishing, marketing, reviews, plot, your works in progress, how you get inspired, sequels, how to use Facebook as a writer, what to tweet about, writers groups, conferences, sucky beta readers, etc. And you can take each of those and break that down as well. And trust me: writers want to know about it all. You can even use your blog for free therapy (like I do, lol) and vent or to ask a question (like I plan to do this coming Monday). And I would definitely consider another blog for another topic. I think that’s a good strategy in terms of branding. Thanks for the shout-out and good luck, homie:)


  2. You’re right! There is so much that CAN be covered in a blog that covers writing. For me, I just had to come to the realization that I was being a little skittish and needed to reign that ish in 🙂


  3. The “ain’t nobody got time for that” chart made my day!

    I’ve been blogging for just a year and honey, it has been one big experiment. I had no clue what I was doing when I started. I knew that I wanted my website to be a presence for me as I launched my career as an author and that’s about it. So I wrote about writing, and publishing. Then I shared some of my poems and short stories. Then I did some book reviews and author promotions. Then I shared some personal life lessons. I think I’ll continuously evolve as a blogger and I suppose that’s okay.

    You gave some great advice and the key point that hit home for me is consistency. I’ve been resisting getting on a blog posting schedule for a year, because I’m terrified. I’m afraid I’ll buck under the pressure! But your point that followers have plenty of blogs to choose from and a steady posting schedule can set mine apart is adding fuel to my fire. Maybe I’ll shoot for a Monday posting schedule. That way I have the whole weekend to produce quality content.


    1. Hey Faith! I’m glad I’m able to help 🙂 I understand what you mean about the pressure, though…and yes, that “Ain’t nobody got time for that” graphic gave me life.


  4. Ok, so, you got me right from the start with your lovely, neat, organized outline. I LOVE outlines. I am an organizational freak when it comes to writing…ok, and maybe life, too 😉 I am so not a panster, if you can’t tell.

    That aside, this is great advice. Thank you!!


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