#IWSG: Running Solo

InsecureWritersSupportGroupHappy July! It’s time for the monthly Insecure Writers Support Group post…it’s the blog-hop for the writer to talk about their anxieties and/or offer encouragement to other writers going through the struggle as well. The awesome co-hosts for the the July 1 posting of the IWSG will be Charity Bradford, S.A. Larsen, AJ, Tamara Narayan, Allison Gammons, and Tanya Miranda!


Happy first of the month, peeps!


Yeah, thanks to the group Bone Thugs N Harmony…years later, I still play this song in my head every first of the month. Source: http://www.israelekanem.com

I recently signed up for a 5K. Now, it wasn’t one of those serious races that you need to go and train for, it was the fun-run kind where you socialize, stop for selfies/usies and get stuff thrown on you like bubbles or powder. Since this was a social thing, I was supposed to do this run with a friend.

Source: Thephotobrigade.com

Source: Thephotobrigade.com

Key phrase: Supposed to.

Turns out my friend couldn’t do the run. However, I was already en route when I found out. So I had to decide if to either turn around and head home myself or keep going and run solo. There were a lot of good reasons to go:

  • I had paid a registration fee
  • I took time (and gas) the day before to drive across town to pick up my race packet
  • I had gotten creative and cut up and decorated the race shirt,
  • and most importantly, I was almost at the venue

And my reasons to not go?

  • I was by myself. This wasn’t intended to be a solo thing. I wanted to socialize and stop for usies with us covered in colored cornstarch that despite how well I washed my hair, I would still find it somewhere the next day.
...in my hair??? I just washed it! Source:diylol.com

…in my hair??? I just washed it! Source:diylol.com

After debating for a few moments, I decided that I had invested too much and had literally gotten too far to turn around. So, I did the run alone. So, just how does it relate to writing? (Hello, this is a writing blog, duh.) I deal with some insecurity in my writing (hey, #IWSG!), so there is also insecurity in other non-writing related areas. Like going to social events alone. I’m naturally introverted, so this was a challenge.

But, just like when writing, sometimes you have to push through those feelings and finish the race…or the book. Hell, just getting the chapter done. Despite when it gets uncomfortable. Or you’re unsure of the outcome. Or that review turned out to be not what you expected. Or whatever emotion you’re dealing with that has gotten you stuck and/or questioning yourself and your ability as a writer.

Completing that 5K was not the experience I intended to have. However, it turned out to be awesome. I’m a baby runner, so I did walk for parts of the event but that sense of accomplishment to cross the finish line couldn’t be topped. It’s akin to writing “The End” when that WIP is finally completed. In a sense, finishing the 5K can set the tone for how I approach my writing moving forward. Not allowing those emotions (anxiety, fear, exasperation over that one character that always goes left on you, whatever) to stop you from moving forward, being okay with the varying pace of writing (some chapters can take longer to write than others), and just simply staying the course.



  1. Aw, thanks for including my name in this post. I’m really excited to be co-hosting. (Psst…it’s my first time.) Okay, regardless whether this 5K was serious or not, you are a champ to enter. I’m a former dancer and have worked out pretty much my entire life. The one exercise I simply cannot do is running. I suck at it. So major kudos to you, especially because you braved it alone! I hear you about heading into a crowd of peeps alone; I have a hard time with that, too. But you’re right. We have to push through those fears and insecurities.


  2. Kudos to you for running/walking/finishing that 5K race. I enjoyed the humor (funny pics) and the image of colored cornstarch sticking in your hair the rest of the week (?). But I especially enjoyed how you turned that resistance go ‘going alone’ to writing. And finishing. Make it a good month! Beth IWSG #276


  3. I think some writers take a long time to overcome the feeling there is something wrong with writing alone. Perhaps it’s the indoctrination at school where everything you do is somewhat of a social event, and teachers view with suspicion the child who wants to be alone.

    But writing isn’t a social event and we have to learn that this is OK.


  4. Good for you for doing it!

    But I completely understand the thought process. I DESPISE doing group activities by myself… it makes me extremely uncomfortable and I’m not sure what I would’ve done in your place. But I’ve been trying new things and stepping outside my comfort zone and it’s been (surprisingly) paying off.

    So congrats on channeling that inner awesome 🙂


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