Hey gang! Come on in and pop a squat.

Oh…you want to know who I am first? What I’m about? Who I be with, things that make me smile, what numbers to dial…(Sorry got a little caught up with some Notorious B.I.G. there)

I’m a writer (well thanks, Captain Obvious). I always have been. I wrote my first story as a second grader about two girls who became best friends…one of those girls just so happened to be an alien. Like from another planet. The next story I remember writing was a saga…young girl loses her mom, dad relocates them down south where she learns to adjust to southern living, make new friends, and eventually find love. I think I was writing a PG-rated version of The Young & Restless…

Anyhow, I have always loved creating stories, mostly about strong women of color (no more aliens). Women who are always learning, growing, and evolving be it in their relationships, in their careers, or within themselves. An editor once described my style as “Independent Women’s Chick Lit” Hey, I can dig it.

Some other factoids:

  • I’m a mom and I’m constantly amazed (in a good way) by the tiny human who calls me “Mommy”
  • I live in sunny Florida, but I will always be a Detroit girl.
  • I’m a nurse by trade…and I love it
  • I wasn’t always a nurse. My first degree is in business, however Corporate America was NOT my thing.
  • Pound cake (homemade, not that frozen stuff from the grocery store) makes me smile. So does iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. And red velvet cupcakes.


  1. I like it here. Found you by being nosey. Saw your comment on another WP blog. I was thanking her for the visit… then started scrolling other comments. I’m learning how to use a “simple” template, lol. Wish I could do what you’ve put together here. Excellent!! AND I’m going to look for your ebooks, too.


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