#IWSG: So, what are you feeding?

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Insecurities. We all struggle with them. If you haven’t struggled with at least one thing that makes you feel insecure, you’re getting MAJOR side-eye right now.

A little Prince Rogers Nelson side-eye for you...Source: eonline.com

A little Prince Rogers Nelson side-eye for you…Source: eonline.com

I have a friend who is struggling in school. Just having recently been in her shoes, I feel her pain. Being a writer who has often struggled with the process of writing, I doubly feel it. A few of us from the same class have done our best to keep her encouraged, but her woes are redundant…I’m at the point where I want to say:

Girl! Get it together already! Source: tumblr.com

Girl! Get it together already! Source: tumblr.com

Pep talks have been given aplenty, but when you’re feeling REALLY insecure about something, anything, be it a story you’re working on that just isn’t gelling, a WIP that you really just want to be done with already, licking your wounds because that book hasn’t been flying off the virtual shelves, or something not writing-related, like struggling with a class, there comes a time where you’ve got to have that Come To Jesus meeting with yourself. And ask yourself, “What am I feeding the most?”

  • Am I giving in to that fear of failure? Or the one that’s whispering “Keep pushing, you can do it”?
  • Am I drowning in self-pity because this plot/character/life-event isn’t going the way I want? Or can I just shake it off and keep it moving.
  • Am I doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? (Yeah, that’s called insanity)
  • Am I trying everything that works for everybody else instead of discovering what works for me and going with that?

I truly believe that if we listen to the voice that says “You can’t do this” more than the one that says, “You’ve got this.” then the one we give more attention to is the one that wins. Believe you’ll never finish that story? Then yeah, that’s what’s going to happen.

Insecurities are real. That’s why there are groups like IWSG. However, we can’t let the insecurities have power over us. Feed the voice that says to keep pushing. It may be a whisper now, but keep feeding it. Eventually, it’ll get stronger (and louder) and will drown out the one that keeps you in doubt.

Shake it off, baby Source: giphy.com

So…shake it off, baby
Source: giphy.com


#IWSG: Trusting the process — Staying positive with your writing when it feels like it’s going nowhere.

Yes, it’s time again for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group: a monthly blog hop of writers at various stages of the process who get  transparent and talk about the struggle…writing, publishing, editing, getting motivated, etc. We’re here to encourage and support each other. For more info, click here. The fabulous hosts for this month are: Elizabeth Seckman, Lisa Buie-Collard, Chrys Fey, and Michelle Wallace!


So, this is one post that’s a little random but not really, because it’s also writing-related. I recently finished school and am in the process of sitting for a board exam in order to become official. I have cohorts that have already taken and passed this exam and have received job offers. I’m still waiting on authorization to schedule the exam.

So, while they’re all:

I’m all:

source: tumblr.com

source: tumblr.com

Okay, not really…but maybe just a little bit. And it’s not because I don’t wish them well. I do. It’s just sometimes…

source: photobucket.com

source: photobucket.com

On the writing side, I’ve talked about getting stuck with a WITDLOAP (work-in-too-damn-long-of-a-process), while I have writing friends who have written, not one, but two, maybe even more novels in the same time span. I know, I know…you only set yourself up for failure when you make comparisons, and I often have to tell myself: Trust the timing. Trust the process. When it’s your time, it’s your time. Be patient. Keep working at it.

I inherently understand that comparisons are tricks of the devil, but every now and again, I get caught out there. (‘Like for real, you gave the job to the girl who forgot her professional work ready pumps and did the interview in blue snakeskin iridescent club hopping, street walking knee boots but couldn’t even send me a ‘thanks but no thanks letter’? Yeah, that’s a true story. Happened to me many years ago.) What can I say? I’m human and the side eye, no chill reaction is real.


Source: tumblr.com

So, what’s a writer (or a recent graduate) to do when it seems like everyone around you is moving at a warp speed and you’re moving like that slug in ‘Flushed Away’?

Source: tumblr.com

Source: tumblr.com

  • Yes, it’s a total cliche, but a positive attitude goes far. Attitude can make the difference in feeling like you’re moving like a slug and actually moving like a slug. I had one classmate who spoke so negatively throughout the entire program, I was not surprised that when we graduated, homegirl was ghost. Say an affirmation. Meditate. Believe that you are indeed the best romance/drama/dystopian/chick-lit/fantasy/horror/(fill in your genre) writer…like EVAH.
  • Get a cheerleader (or several) on your team. Because sometimes, you need to rant, cry, cuss, and scream (sometimes all at the same time). Your cheerleaders remind you that you are effin’ awesome and that all things will come together in due time.
  • Be a cheerleader yourself. This is twofold. Because you have to pat yourself on the back sometimes AND when you encourage others when they have their “I can’t believe they hired the bitch wearing the hooker boots” moments, they will do it for you.

So, trust in the process. Don’t try to force that story for sake of being published or even being finished. Trust in the timing. Yes, he may say he sold a gazillion books in a month and your sales report barely has a rhythm (maybe it flatlined), but it doesn’t make you any less kick-ass at your craft. (Besides, he may be manipulating the data).

Again, trust the process. Trust the timing. Stay true to your craft.

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